For most of us, travelling and earning are always at a tussle with each other. But if you are one of those who have been beaten by travel bug, than this post is for you.

There are no lack of amazing cities and countries to visit in the world, so what’s stopping you? Is that the money?

Don’t let yourself worries about a lack of money pull you back from having the perfect vacations, especially if there are enough ways are available to earn some extra income while you travel.

Making the money while travelling will open the door for new opportunities to travel longer and experience the things along the way.

Few tricks will allow you to earn income while exploring the world, while some are standard methods. Follow the best suited one and start earning while travelling.


Top 10 ways to make money while travelling




Freelancing is a type of job that anyone can do for some extra earnings. Depending on your skills you can opt for any freelancing job like content writing, graphic designing, translator, social media manager, editor, app development, online tuition for singing, instrument playing, dancing etc. so that you can fund your travel without spending much from your primary amount.

Upwork, Odesk, Freelancer are the best sites to get the job and earn easily. Here you can either work for a single person or for the companies and get paid for writing blogs, newsletter, press release, logo making or just for editing. The best part is you can do freelancing from anywhere, anytime while travelling.


Teach A Language

teach languages

To know more than one language is always good. Teaching a language like English, French, Spanish, and Germen etc. is always on demand. As there are lots of countries in the world where learning at least one foreign language is mandatory for the students. If you have basic knowledge of anyone of these languages, you can easily earn money and dig into a completely different culture.

There are job opportunities for teachers everywhere. Non-English speaking country like India, you can choose to teach English in schools, coaching or can take online classes.


Click Stock Photographs/Sell Your Photos

Click Stock PhotographsSell Your Photos

If you love photography or videography, it’s a best way to earn money while travelling. You can shoot around the world and can take good quality photos and videos. You just need a creative eye that can capture the little and big moments that make the destination what it is! Just start clicking best photos and sell them online. There are lots of individual and companies looking for talented photographers.  You can start by offering your services for weddings, other travel sites or simply just sell them on various stock photography websites like, etc.




Blogging is one among the sure shot way to make money while travel, but making money by travel blogging takes some time. If you are good in writing/editing, telling stories and in expressing the things in your way, you can opt this way for making a good figure.  There are lots of opportunities to get paid for your writing skills, BBC travel, National Geographic , Lonely planet etc. are some of the sites who will pay for writing blog posts, newsletter, press release, broachers, eBooks etc.  Or you can just start your own blog and monetize it with advertising, affiliates and brand partnerships, but its only works once your blog gains audience.


Fitness/Yoga Instructor

FitnessYoga Instructor

If you are fitness freaky and can train anybody else, become a fitness/yoga instructor is a best way to earn while travelling. There are huge community of yoga lovers around the world, where you can teach yoga and inspire others to do so. It is a plus point if you have basic knowledge of nutrition diet planning, you can charge extra for the nutrition and diet consultation as well. You can apply for a fitness/yoga teacher job at a resort, hotel or gym etc.


Sell Your Art Work

Sell Your Art Work

You are interested in painting or designing? Or you just paint for yourself because it’s your hobby. By selling your artwork online, you can fill your pocket with a good amount of money even whiles you travelling. There are hundreds of websites where you can showcase your art and designs and earn. It is profitable to sell online because these sites have a wider audience from the different countries that makes you to sell your art work easy and help to get the right value.




Vlogger? I think it is a new terminology for some people. Well, Vlogging like blogging is a way of expressing new ideas in the form of video. Youtube having billon users is a biggest platform for vloggers, who love recording themselves and have something interesting to say. You can earn as a vlogger/youtuber by showing your creativity in making video and monetize it for advertisement. You can film your travel places, cooking recipes, mobile reviews or simply just mischief making of your pet. Make sure to offer unique and engaging things to your followers to keep them coming back.




Dropshipping is one of the lucrative ways to make money online while travelling. In dropshipping , you just work as a bridge between dealer and customer. Basically, you sell products online on your website as a middle man, without purchasing any goods. The best thing is, without buying any product by yourself, you tie up with a company/supplier and sell their products on your website by just passing the order on to your supplier, who will ship directly to your customer. Your earning is the difference between your product price and the supplier’s price.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the difficult ways to make money, but also one of the highest earning sources for most of the bloggers.  Once you get train, it can generate big figures. Through affiliate marketing you can earn money not even while travelling but while sleeping as well.

In affiliate marketing, you promote someone’s product on your website or blog and receive a prefixed commission, when someone purchases that product through your recommendation. Having a website/blog is not mandatory to do affiliate marketing; you can promote affiliate links on social media channels or in emails as well.


Au Pair/Care Taker 

Au Pair/Care Taker 

If you are a kids lover and wants to get surrounded by kids, to become a Au-pair is the best option to earn money. Basically its women specific work. Working as a au-pair you’ll have to helping a family with their household chores and look after their children. While living as au-pair, you learn the local tradition, culture, food recipes and of course some sort of local language as well. Au-pairs are usually stays with host family, provided with free accommodation and meals and often a payment on top.  There are many sites for au pair jobs like etc.


How To Make Money While Travelling?
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How To Make Money While Travelling?
Making money while travelling is everyone's dream, here I am sharing some of the best ways to fill your pocket with some extra money when you are on vacations.
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