To find the Budget Friendly Accommodation is often the biggest thing while we plan for vacation. Sometimes it becomes one of the challenging tasks to save money, especially if you are a frequent traveller.

To get accommodation in India is not difficult but, to get it in best deal is quite tricky sometime. You can make your travel affordable and comfortable, when you use the alternative forms of overnight accommodation.

I’m sure, many times you have heard that words from your elders, to become financially independent and then travel. But as we all know, the world is too big then our imagination and if you start late, you will reach late.

I think, travel is only expensive if you choose to make it that way. Fancy hotels and luxury resorts always have big marketing budget to spend on advertisement and branding.  But in reality there are so many other cheap, comfortable and even free places are available to stay while travelling.

In this blog, I would like to share with you some really useful tips to get your accommodation easily and travel in budget. I hope this blog will help you understand better about ground reality of each type of accommodation in India and find a suitable option for you.


Budget Friendly Accommodation In India



motel in india

Hotels and Motels are comes in the category of service including accommodation. The concept of Motel is originally comes from United States of America. Motel is a short for Motor-Hotel, which has large contribution in accommodation sector. Hotels and Motels are almost a similar concept except that Motels are the roadside hotels, designed to serve the needs of travellers with bike or any vehicle.  All motels are equipped with parking space, filling stations, repair services, accommodation, restaurant etc.

So, if you are travelling with your own vehicle or bike, Motels are the best suitable option for you to accommodate. It is safe for you and your vehicle too. The price charged here in Motels for accommodation and meals is pocket friendly as compared to that in hotels.


Youth/Backpacker Hostels

backpackers hostel

Youth hostels or Backpacker hostels are basically comes with the backpacker culture in India. It is a popular option for the budget- minded traveller and famous among solo travellers. To make it budget friendly, the average hostel room can accommodate 3-5 people, with the toilet on sharing basis. Some hostels provide the facility to prepare your own food as well.  Also these hostels provide the private rooms, dormitory and personal rooms too, including the facility of personal lockers to keep your belongings securely.

These hostels offer a highly social atmosphere for fellow travellers to get interact with each other. Here you can get a chance to meet several traveller, photographer, artistes etc. from the different region or country. Maybe you find a travel partner here, who can help you to give new height to your passion.




In India, Caravan is combined with the camping sites. But actually Caravan or say camper trailer is a mobile vehicle to provide a place to sleep. This self-catering way provides the home to the travellers on the road side in a safe and comfortable way in an open space, without relying on a hotel or motel.

Budget friendly Caravans are little more than tent on wheels, they are equipped with all the basic things any traveller need during their stay like parking, tent pitching, water, food, electricity, toilet, etc. But before going to finalize Caravan for stay just make sure that it is not camping on anyone’s private property, also respect the environment and leave on trace.


Couch Surfing


Interesting name right!

Couch Surfing comes in the category of self-catering accommodation. It is the world largest hospitality exchange platform. Couch Surfing is basically where you stay in someone’s house and sleep on couch provided for free.

May be this concept is new for you, but you will amaze to know that, couch surfing is a global community of travellers and the members who are willing to host.  The aim of this community is to meet the passionate people from the different field, to share local knowledge and culture, to share their experience, to meet the adventurous partner and of course to get the hosting experience.

You can join the couch surfing community free. Some of the trusted communities are, HospitalityClub & WarmShowers etc.



homestay in india

Homestays are a self-catering accommodation, where a family or a person rents out a spare bedroom for some extra income.  Homestays are the best option, if you are travelling to some other region or country and interested in learning more about local culture and lifestyle.

Mostly, the arrangements of homestay are typical like a home.  A homestays includes breakfast and sometime dinner too. Even in the big and expensive cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, or Delhi you can find a budget room. It is like a many language school, may be your host doesn’t know your language, use a sign language or a picture to communicate. To stay in homestays always be open-minded and always willing to learn from your local host.  Sometimes it is challenging but it is also very rewarding.



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