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Welcome lovers!

About Me!

Hi! I’m PoojaSoni and welcome to AtalBharat! I’m so glad you’re here!

Travelling, exploring new things, accepting challenges and experimenting excite me more than anything else. I’m a fitness maniac and business enthusiast. And this little website is my first internet home, where I show all my creativity, exploration and inspiration. I strongly believe that beauty begins on the inside and it lies in the eyes of beholder.

I started this blog because I felt I had something different to add to the conversation. What forced me to write about India? Many times I realized that people wants to go to the place which they heard the name only but due to lack of proper information about that place either they drop the plan or switch to somewhere else.

My goalwith AtalBharat.com is to share as much as information and my experience with others, and inspire people to explore the Bharat or say India with your beautiful eyes. I try and share unknown facts, recipes, and tips and realize that my blog is extension to that. Because I believe that still there are so many hidden treasure that only India have. I hope that my articles and tutorials are easy to follow and will encourage my readers to explore more!


About Blog!

AtalBharat blog is a place where you can explore the “Bharat/India” wherever you are.

AtalBharat.com is a one stop destination for all who are searching for new or unknown places in India to explore, food and recipes, lifestyle, fashion, technology and history of Indian monuments.I have made it with a hint of vacation planning, a pinch of beauty secrets and a scoop of fitness, health and learning. Most of the information on this site is targeted at those with minimal knowledge about hidden jewels of India and presented in a way that make sense. Plus, it’s the best way to stay up to date with all new trends and daily discoveries.

My blog is constantly changing and growing as I learn more about blogging. It truly is an art. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy creating it.

And it doesn’t stop here….just start exploring…

If you ever have any questions/suggestions please feel free to post! I love to hear from you so leave me comments about what you thought about my sharing. Enjoy!



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